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I think I might be ready for surgery. What’s next?

  • We are so fortunate in the Hill Country to have the RESTORE program at Hill Country Memorial. Here patient will be guided through the joint replacement process from beginning to end. This is a comprehensive program for knee, hip and shoulder replacement.

  • Talk to your friends! Knowing what to expect can help you in the preparation process, and meet challenges that we will inevitably face.

  • Pre-operative optimization of other medical problems is paramount to a successful outcome. Obesity, Smoking, liver disease like Hepatitis and uncontrolled diabetes all greatly increase the risk of negative outcomes like infection.​​

    • Good pre-operative motion and quadriceps strength is a must. Many patients will do a few sessions of “prehab,” to learn some exercises they can work on to strengthen the knee prior to surgery. 

    • A pre-operative physical examination and risk evaluation for surgery with your primary care provider’s office is required, along with your cardiologist, if you see one.

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