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Dr. Richie E. Edeen, MD, MEd

Personalized Care...

  • Dr. Edeen is happy to see patients anytime they have an ache or pain that they're concerned about. Really. Most people are good at taking care of their minor sprains and strains, giving themselves time to heal, and some people just tend to deal with pain for a long time for a myriad of reasons. Dr. Edeen knows that patients can be weary of surgery and, the truth is, many conditions can be treated well without surgery, employing a variety of hands on and medical treatments. Dr. Edeen will help you determine the best course of action for you.

  • Dr. Edeen treats most all orthopaedic and sports medicine injuries and conditions, from kids to adults. This includes all sports injuries, chronic conditions like arthritis and bursitis, and both operative and non operative treatment of most all fractures from kids to adults.  

  • One of the most common questions asked by patients is: "Am I going to be able to keep doing/playing... after this treatment?"

  • That is the goal! Our aim is to keep you moving and doing the things you love. The whole reason we would proceed with any treatment is in an effort to help achieve your functional goals. There are often more than one surgical and non-surgical options, and we will explain all the options to you. 

  • Dr. Edeen listens to and examines every patient that schedules an appointment. There are no substitute providers. This goes for all of your pre-operative and post operative visits. 

Education & Training

Bachelor of Arts

Kinesiology and Applied Physiology, Psychology

Boulder, CO

Master of Education


Austin, TX

Medical Training

MD, UT Health - San Antonio

San Antonio, TX


Orthopaedic Surgery

UT Health - San Antonio

Surgical Fellowship - Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy

Cincinnati Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center

Cincinnati, OH

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