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The suffix "-itis," indicates inflammation. Throughout the body we have moving parts beneigh the skin. In areas where there are  tendons, (which connect muscles to bones) moving over a boney projection, the body generates layers of slippery tissue to decrease friction. These areas commonly include the shoulder, elbow and hips.


These areas can become inflamed and painful. Sometimes this can follow an injury, or periods of exertion and overuse. Often times it can come on without an obvious inciting event. Regardless of the cause, the aim of treatment is to decrease inflammation. Sometimes this is with oral NSAIDS, like Motrin or Aleve. Sometimes injected anti-inflammatory steroid is used, and sometimes a combination of the two. Therapy is also an integral component of the healing process, to help hasten recovery and prevent recurrence. 

Often times, bursitis is accompanied by inflammation of the nearby tendons, or "tendonitis." Some patients who do not improve with anti-inflammatory and therapy, may be good candidates for newer "Biologic," therapies such as Stem Cells and PRP injection. (Learn More)

What is Bursitis?
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